The Modern Rapier



This PDF is a record of the influences, design and fabrication of the Modern Rapier.

The Modern Rapier is designed, in every aspect, specifically for the techniques of the modern sport fencer to exhibit the value of modern techniques in the world of martial arts. Its form follows its function by applying the ergonomic qualities of modern fencing grips to the 16th century Rapier while maintaining all of the historical weapons features.  The swords Length, weight & strength come from the rapier, It’s balance from the small sword/Sport Epee. and it’s grip from the ergonomic form of the Old Spanish Foil.

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The ergonomic hilt has the proportions of a French Italian and and Spanish and all the significant parts of the rapier as described by its diminutive counterpart the Italian foil. This weapon is not a sport epee but a real sword, strong enough to withstand real combat. The blade mounted is a Del Tin triangular rapier blade, stronger than a sport epee blade. The interior of the quillon block also ads to the strength. The ricasso of the blade nests within the quillon block at full thickness, as so it is surrounded by 1/8” 303 stainless steel. The full-length tang tapers gradually toward the pommel. The entire weapon weighs in at exactly 1.9lbs.

• All the Modeling was provided by Jason Cambell Design Director at,

• All post casting fabrication and finishing by Neil Massey,

• Blade by Del Tin Italy

• Investment casting by

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Also attached are Lancet Fencings™  Modern Rapier Rules. A new kind of fencing  designed to allow modern, Foil, Epee, Saber, and even, Western Martial Artist, fencers to compete against one another in competitive combat.

We have been fencing “Lancet” in Chicago for the last 11 yrs. We hope there are poeple out there who will have as much fun with the sport as we have.


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