MODERN RAPIER FENCING RULES for Single Rapier/Epee and Rapier & Dagger.

This is a new kind of fencing for modern, Foil, Epee, Saber, and even Historical fencers to compete against one another. Modern Rapier combines the historical with the modern in ways that take fencing to the next level. 360 degree movement, symmetrical body dynamics, classical and modern techniques combine to develop circum-spatial awareness, balance, agility, and swordsmanship.


The Modern Rapier fencing rules are new rules for tabulating and differentiating hits within a system so like for like or even mixed martial arts weapons like long sword or side sword can conceivably be used within the system. It would just be a matter of valuing the hits appropriately and wearing the appropriate protective gear while fitting the point of the blade with a standard archery blunt. While many systems try to pre justify the efficacy of an attack. Modern rapier does not begin to judge prior to the first hit occurring and then only when and where the fencers’ hit one another are valued as hits.

As mentioned in our rules for dry fencing that a significant bending of the blade would be necessary to register a touché regardless of the blades agreed upon.
When we compete with each other  we use electrically wired sport epee blades and a point fitted with a 4lbs spring to greatly reduce incidental hits and help allude to penetration taking the place of the old style Pointe d’Aret for “Stopping hits”.

Official legal statement:

Lancet Fencing’s™ Modern Rapier Rules are open to your fair use, and these ideas are open to creative common use.  We believe that our modern rapier fencing rules and ideas should be open to anyone who wants to use them and run tournaments with them without compensating us.   You can make and sell modern rapier equipment for cost, your time and for those you fence with under your own brand just like any sports equipment maker for any open sport.  We would hope that you’d keep in touch with us and keep this a sharing and growing effort.  As to the royalties and credit question, you may not use the Lancet Fencing™ brand or brand mark on any of the equipment you make and or sell for Modern Rapier use and you may not reproduce and sell knock offs of Lancet Fencings™ intellectual design property.  Otherwise, have fun and be safe.


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