Lancet Weapons

Any sport epee is suitable for use in the sport of Modern Rapier when the normal epee spring is replaced with a 4lbs Lancet Fencing Spring.  If you want to fence non electrically one can use a none electric sport epee but we suggest using a Replica rapier blade FISAS available through Del Tin or Musketeer triangular blade available at Zen Warrior or American Fencers Supply.

The following are excerpts from a Modern Rapier bout between Joe Inzerillo and Phillip Karnezis at the former CAAFC. It features two weapon designs, the: V-1 (Visconti- 1) and the DS-1 (Dos Santos-1) They are Lancets with quillons sport handles Pummels and custom 4lbs pressure springs in the Epee Barrels.


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