How to fence Modern Rapier.

This is an entire captioned Lancet Fencing bout aka Modern Rapier™ between Bakhyt Abdikulov and Phillip Karnezis. You can get a good Idea of the mechanics of a bout by studying the captions in this clip. Phillip is a 25yr fencing veteran and Bakyhit is a 3 time World Cup champion and also Phillips Coach.

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The viewer will notice that we use an electric scoring system in this bout but Lancet Fencing is not an exclusively electric sport.  Here is an excerpt from the Lancet Fencing rules downloadable on this site:

“The Weapon:

Electric: The Lancet is used for scoring. It is an epee with French or pistol grip modified with a pommel and a 4 lbs. pressure spring in place of the standard 750g spring. Instead of a body cord we plug an audio hit registering device (beeper:) into the 3-prong socket*.

Customizing is allowed to fit the fencer’s technique. Overall length of the weapon has yet to be quantified. The simplest lancet is a French Epee with a 4lbs pressure spring in the barrel.The 4lbs spring works to minimize incidental hits. It is not intended to make one hit harder, however, fencers in competition and practice hit with more than 4lbs of force every day all the time.

Dry: All manner of dry fencing weapons including historical replica rapier blades if preferred and the MODERN RAPIER™ are usable within the system. Hits are to be judged by significant bending of the blade upon the opponent’s target.

* Lack of a proper wireless scoring device forces us to use a Mini 2 long tone epee beeper. It is preferable to locate beepers with 2 different tones so that simultaneous hits are audibly polyphonic. Wireless Epee scoring systems are not recommended because of the epee cut off time.”

It is our hope that all Swordsmen and women, who love fencing,  will approach these rules with an open mind and give us educated feedback. Enjoy.

(Watch the Clip)

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